Candidate Mailing List Overview
Do you need a mailing list or comprehensive data file for US Presidential,
US Congressional or state executive and legislature candidates?

Do you want to build it and download it right now?

Use this applet, powered by KnowWho a leading provider of political data and directory services, to build a custom mailing list or data file and download it immediately. All mailing lists and data files are one-time downloads with unrestricted use.

Mailing lists are just $.20 per record with a $50 minimum, and include campaign office addresses, phone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses and web sites, even campaign managers.  Download Sample:  Zipped  or  Unzipped

Data files are just $.30 per record with a $100 minimum, and include the mailing list information plus social media addresses and current FEC financial disclosure data.  Download Sample:  Zipped  or  Unzipped

Not sure which is right for you? Review the data reference guide and then decide.  Download Guide:  Zipped  or  Unzipped

Individual record information is included on an as available basis. No guarantee is made that every record will have all information, but all records have complete candidate information and an address.

All lists and data files are created in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format and can be downloaded immediately.

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